Enabling JIRA Misc Custom Fields makes updates of all other plugins unresponsive on JIRA < 6.3


Hi David,
I encountered and identified a problem when having the Misc Custom Field enabled, as well as the Misc Workflow Extension (same behavior it seems).

When enabled, it's almost not possible to uninstall/update other plugins I have in JIRA.
The behavior I have is:

  • uninstall a plugin => waits for dozens of seconds, and finally ends up with error "The call to the JIRA server did not complete within the timeout period. We are unsure of the result of this operation"

  • update a plugin (using manual upload, as my instance cannot connect to marketplace) => the progress bar of the update/install of the plugin advances almost to the end, then hangs up like forever

  • install a new plugin => seems not to be impacted...

If I disable the plugin, everything is going fine within a few seconds.
As I mentioned, the exact same problem arises with MiscWorkflowExtensions: I have tested by having only 1 of these 2 plugins on a backup server (stop jira, keep only 1 in installed-plugins, restart JIRA...)

I don't know what the problem is, but this is quite problematic as we are almost never sure if we will be able to update our other plugins.

I even tried this:

  • disable ALL plugins except Misc Custom Fields

  • disable Misc Custom Fields

  • enable Misc Custom Fields => also hangs before displaying the timeout error

I will provide the complete list of plugins I have in the environment.

Has anyone already reported such an issue?



JIRA 6.2.7 with plugins:

Applinks Diagnostics Plugin - 5.0.0
Checklist - 1.4.1
CurrentProjectFunction - 0.3.4
CustomWare Parent Issue Summary - 5.0.1
Database Custom Field - 2.6.9
Delegate Issue - 1.1.2
Exocet -
Issue Alternative Assignee - 1.7.5
JIRA Agile - 6.4.2
JIRA Charting Plugin - 1.23
JIRA Enhanced Commit Acceptance Plugin - 1.7.1
JIRA Misc Custom Fields - 1.5.10
JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions - 3.3.1
JIRA Suite Utilities - 1.4.9
JIRA Watcher Field - 2.5.13
JQL Tricks Plugin - 5.3
ParentSummaryField - 4.3.0
Public Announcement Service Plugin - 2.1
Script Runner - 2.1.17
Workflow Enhancer for JIRA - 3.0.3
katl-commons - 2.6.9
valiantys-base-plugin - 1.0.19

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