Copy field to field workflow post function not working on select list


We are using the Jira Misc Workflow extensions plugin to copy the value from one field to another field as a post function in our workflow. The fields being copied are both select list. When we implemented it we it was working fine The two select lists have the same values ie 22. When the transition is made if you look at the jira the copied to value has the correct value 22 in it as expected but if you edit the jira the field shows None because while the value copied into the destination field has the correct string name the customfield option id value copied into the field is the customfield option id of the 22 option from the source field. We have verified that with 3.3.0 when the value is copied it would determine if there was an element in the select list in the destination field with the same string value and then set the value of the destination field with the customfield option id of 22 from the destination select list and not the customfield option id from the 22 from the source field. It seems now to enter the customfield option id from the source field which allows it to display properly when viewing the issue but any attempt to edit the issue will result in you having to change that field value. This causes issues with rest or CLI calls to update the issue as it says the field values are invalid. We are running version 3.3.1 of the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions plugin and Jira 5.2.11 but I also tried it with the 3.3.2 version with the same result. We now have corrupted values for our fields that will have to be address.
I did some further testing on a test system and determined that this started happening after we upgraded 3.3.1 of the plugin. A server we had running 3.3.0 workded correctly. I then updated it to 3.3.2 and things broke. We are going to try downgrading to 3.3.0 if possible to address the issue and we will have to do some database work to clean up the bad jira values. Should there be any issues with rolling the plugin back to 3.3.0. I know we will probably have to restart Jira for the downgrade to take affect.


Jira 5.2.11
Centos 5.8

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Dale Miller



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