Copy comments to related issues doesn't prevent copying copies of comments back to the original issue


If you have issues A, B and C, where A is linked to B, B is linked to C, and C is linked to A, and you use a Copy comments to related issues post-function on an event-based action listening to issue commented events to copy the "current comment", you'll end up creating an infinite loop of a comment copied from A to B, then to C, then back to A, although the comment in C should have been recognized as already existing in A.

Likewise, if A is linked to B and C, and B is linked to C, and you add a comment to A, it'll get copied from A to B and C (as expected), but also from B to C and from C to B, and also back from B to A (at which point a loop will be detected).

Instead, the comment should be copied from A to B and C, but not further from B to C since C already has a copy of the initial comment from A.



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