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  1. Go to the Global permissions page (type gg then Global permissions)
  2. Check whether the atlassian-addons-admin group belongs to the Jira Administrators permission.
  3. Click on the View Users link below the atlassian-addons-admin group and verify that the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions user  (or addon_com.innovalog.jmwe.jira-misc-workflow-extensionsuser belongs to that group.
  4. If either of these checks fail, your Jira instance is not properly configured. You need to uninstall and then reinstall the JMWE add-on and check again. If the checks still fail, you need to contact Atlassian Support and ask them to fix these issues.

The atlassian-addons-admin group is only visible on the Global permissions page, and not on the Groups and Users pages.