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Using Groovy Help in the Groovy editor

Suppose you want the issue to get assigned to the Project Lead if left unassigned.


calculate and display the Project name of the issue's project

  • Create a Calculated Text custom field type: Project Category, from the Custom fields administration page.
  • Locate the custom field on the Custom Fields administration page.
  • Click on the cog wheel and click on Configure
  • Click on Edit Groovy Formula
  • Click on Issue Fields tab of the help editor.
  • Select Assignee Select Project under Select a field.
  • Under the Testing the field's valueAccessing sub-fields section locate the Groovy expression to test whether the Assignee field is emptyaccess the project name.
  • Click on it to insert it into the editor.


The Groovy script editor in JMCF is available on the Custom field configuration screen when you write a Groovy script to return a value expected by the calculated custom field in the Groovy Formula fieldscreens of calculated custom field types that expect the result of a Groovy script.

Groovy editor toolbar

The Groovy editor has a toolbar with the following features. Clicking on: