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The value can be a text provided in the Value field of:

The value can be the result of a Nunjucks template provided in the Value field of:


You can also inject Nunjucks annotations into the text valueYou might also want to look at Accessing an issue or a transition using Nunjucks annotations.


You can use the Set Field Value post-function to clear a field value by leaving the Value field empty. Ensure that neither Ignore empty value nor Add value(s) to the field options is selected.


  • String. For example: "This is a description"
  • Number. For example: 3.12
  • Date. This must be a String containing an ISO_8601 date. For example: "2016-08-05"
  • Object. The object must contain at least one field (different from id) which allows the object to be identified unambiguously. For example, a user can be specified as:{"nameaccountId":"CarteraccountId:557058:3a41d4ee-3331-4363-8cdf-f90a2da92f7e"}

For multi-valued fields, the value(s) must be provided as an array of values, even if only one value is provided. For example, to set the Fix Versions field to "2.0": [{"name":"2.0"}]