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  • Getters of the Issue interface methods that are native to Jira.
  • get("<field_name>" or "<field_id>"String fieldNameOrID) method returns the value of a system or custom field of the Issue object. The return type depends on the field being accessed. 
  • getAsString("<field_name>" or "<field_id>"String fieldNameOrID) method that returns the String representation of the value of the system or custom field, whenever possible.
  • getRawValue("<field_name>" or "<field_id>"String fieldNameOrID) method that returns an Option object instead of a String when applied on a field of Single select list or Radio buttons type.
  • getAvailableOptions("<field_name>" or "<field_id>"String fieldNameOrID") method that returns a collection of available options for the specified field
  • getRemoteLinks(<Application Name>) method takes a String representing the target application (e.g. "jira", "confluence" etc) and returns a Collection<RemoteIssueLink> objects. 
  • getAsJsonData("<field_name>" or "<field_id>"String fieldNameOrID) method returns the value of the field as a JsonData object. The return type is a JSON-style version of the field, essentially a key-value Map.
  • getFieldHistory(String fieldNameOrID) method that returns returns a List<ChangeItemBean>This gives easy access to the history of any field. The order of the list will be from oldest to newest.

where <field_name> is the name of the field as displayed in the Field configuration and <field_id> is the ID of the field as shown in Accessing the Jira Standard fields of an issue document. In the case of a custom field, it has the form customfield_xxxxx, where xxxxx is the custom field numerical ID, as seen in the URL when viewing or editing the field.