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Lookup user

By 29 April 2019, Atlassian will soon remove personal data from the API that is used to identify users, such as username and userKey, and instead, use the Atlassian account ID (accountId). These are the impacts on JMWE:

  • If any of your existing post-functions are using the username or the userkey they need to be replaced with the accountId.
  • If you are adding new post-functions you should not anymore specify the username or userkey but only the accountId. For example, the setting of a user type field using the Set field value post-function.



Test a template that fetches the username of the user the issue is assigned to:

  • Add the Set field valueissue fields post-function to a transition.
  • In the Nunjucks editor, write the following lines of code:

    Code Block
    {{ issue.fields.assignee.accountId}}

  • Click on Test Nunjucks template
  • Type the Issue key of an issue assigned to a valid user.
  • Click on Test.
  • The following result is displayed: