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Calculated fields are fields whose values are dynamically calculated either based on other fields of the issue or fields of other issues (such as sub-tasks or linked issues). You could use these fields to pull in data from an external system and display them with/without a calculation. The value for these fields is calculated value is calculated on the fly instead of being stored in the Jira database. Their value is recalculated every time the issue is displayed , or updated, or a re-index is performed. You can search issues for this custom field display calculated fields on issue and transition views, and you can use them in JQL searches such as in the Issue Navigator,  in a Saved FilterFilters, in an Agile Board query queries, etc. only when a Search template is configured for the field.

A calculated field can be a field that:

  • Evaluates a Groovy expression to compute the value of the field based on other fields, other issues, versions, etc. The result can be of type Number, Date or Stringa number, a date, a string, a duration, or a single- or multi-select option value.
  • Returns the Date/Time of execution of one or more specified transitions of your workflow or of a field change
  • Returns the caller of one or more transitions of your workflow or of a field change
  • Returns the execution count of one or more transitions of your workflow
  • Returns the status of the issue's parent, if any.
  • Returns the Date/Time when a field was last modified
  • Returns the user who last modified a field
  • Etc.

Calculated fields provided by the add-on