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This version introduces major new features, some improvements, and bug fixes.

New features

  • Use our new Copy issue fields post-function
    Looking for a powerful post function that copies field value(s) between issues or fields? Look no more! Our new Copy issue fields post-function is here, and it allows you to copy the value(s) of one or more fields from different source issues to those issues that suit your business needs. Be it the current issue or linked issue(s) or a set of issues based on Nunjucks template (or others), this post-function makes copying field(s) from the specified source to target issue(s) simple and easy.
    Here is a quick view of the post-function:

Copy issue fields post-function combines all the features provided by some of the obsolete post-functions (listed in Important information) and offers additional functionality for you to make use of.



‘Set field value’ post-function is now renamed to Set issue fields.


  • Add a post-creation script while using the Create Issue(s) post-function. This allows you to run a Nunjucks script for any additional changes after issue(s) creation.

  • Enable or disable a scheduled action using the newly added toggle in the Scheduled actionspage

Important information

We recommend you to take advantage of the post-functions listed in the following table since they are more versatile over some of the obsolete post-functions of similar functionality:

Bug fixes

serverSystem JIRA
jqlQueryproject="JMWE for Jira cloud" and issueType=Bug and fixVersion= 1.2.11-AC