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  1. Add the "Sequence of post-functions" post-function to the transition

    1. In the sequence add the Assign to role member post-function

    2. Select the project role “Developers”

    3. Save the post-function

    4. Add “Email issue” post-function

    5. Input the “Subject” and “Body” of the Email

    6. Select “Assignee” under “Issue members”

    7. Save the post-function

  2. Click on "Save"

  3. Publish the workflow.

Set field value

A workflow post-function that sets the value of a selected field of the target issues to the specified value


  • Add the Transition issue(s) post-function to the Resolve transition of the Story workflow.

  • Select “Target issues” as “Epic of the current issue”

  • Input the transition name or ID of the Resolve transition.

  • Select the Conditional execution check box Run this post-function only if a condition is verified.

  • Write the following content in the Condition section.

    Code Block
    {% set stories = issue | epic("key") | stories("status") %}
    {% set trigger = true %}
    {% for story in stories %}
    	{% if != "Resolved" %}
    		{% set trigger = false %}
    	{% endif %}
    {% endfor %}
    {{ trigger }}
  • Place this post-function at the end in the list of post-functions.

Note that you might need to adjust the Status name in the script above to the status in which all Stories should be to transition the Epic.