Troubleshooting and support for JIRA Misc Custom Fields

This section details the troubleshooting and support options provided for the JIRA Misc Custom fields add-on. If one of the custom fields that you configured doesn't seem to be giving you the expected results:

  1. If you encounter problems with a JMCF calculated field, the first thing to do is log in as a Jira administrator and then navigate to the affected issue. When you are a Jira Administrator, any error for a JMCF calculated field on a specific issue will be displayed directly on the Issue View screen for that issue, in place of the field value. You will also be able to see detailed error information by clicking on the Show details link. Investigate the error looking at the error message and the context information. Click on View field configuration to see the configuration for the calculated custom field.

  2. You can also look inside the Jira log file for errors. You can identify JMCF-related errors by searching for the following string: "com.innovalog.jmcf". If there are any errors or warnings, investigate them. The log file details the issue with the custom field if any and also an URL to navigate to the respective custom field to edit the formula and fix it.

  3. The next step is to search our Knowledge Base and the Atlassian Community website for existing answers to your problem. You can also ask the community for help with your specific problem, especially if you are looking for a solution for a specific use case.

  4. Finally, if you believe you are running into a bug in the JMCF add-on, or if you would like to suggest a new feature, don't hesitate to raise a support request with us.