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JMWE administration pages

JMWE provides a new section of administrative tools, which you can access by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Jira Cloud instance as an administrator.

  2. Go to the Administration icon and click on it.

  3. Locate Add-ons from the menu and click on it.

  4. Locate JIRA MISC WORKFLOW EXTENSIONS on the left panel.

The following pages are available:

Page Name


Page Name



This page provides an introduction to the add-on, lists the latest releases, and gives you pointers to the JMWE documentation and support. 

JMWE Configuration

In general, the JMWE add-on does not require any global configuration. The post-functions it offers are configured directly within Jira's workflow editor. However, this page allows you to configure some advanced settings.

Shared Actions page

This page allows you to create shared sequences of workflow post-functions that can then be used in workflow transitions using the Shared Action post-function.

Scheduled actions

This page allows you to create sequences of workflow post-functions that will be run according to a schedule against issues returned by a JQL search.

Event-based Actions

This page allows you to create Event-based actions, with one or more JMWE post-functions, that are run when a change is made to an issue, such as fields being modified, the issue being transitioned, a comment being added, etc.

Nunjucks and Jira expression tester

This page allows you to test Nunjucks and Jira expressions against Jira issues without needing to edit a workflow transition.

Shared Nunjucks Templates

This page allows you to create shared Nunjucks templates (scripts) that can be imported into Nunjucks templates used in JMWE post-functions. This can be used to share macros between post-functions. This can also be used for templates that are too long to be supported in post-function configurations.

User Properties Editor

This page allows you to add, modify or remove properties associated with each Jira user, for use in conjunction with the Set field value from User Entity Property value post-function.

Troubleshooting and support

This page helps you troubleshoot issues you encounter with JMWE.


This page details the most recent events logged by the JMWE add-on for your Jira Cloud instance.

GDPR Migration Tool

 GDPR Migration Tool that helps you identify and implement the changes required by Atlassian's GDPR updates.