JMWE for JIRA Cloud doesn't work after migrating from one JIRA Cloud instance to another


When you migrate from one JIRA Cloud instance to another (using Backup/Restore), most Connect add-ons, such as JMWE for JIRA Cloud, installed in your instance will stop working. If you navigate to a JMWE screen, such as a post-function configuration screen or the Troubleshooting and Support page, you will receive an "Unauthorized" error. This is due to a known JIRA Cloud bug AC-1528.


If you wish to continue using the old JIRA Cloud instance (such as when you have both a production and a test instance), the only solution is to reach out to Atlassian Support and ask them to fix your "clientKey". Once they fix it, you should be able to reinstall the add-on.

If you are replacing your old instance with the new (most likely to modify the URL), please contact us so we can clear your existing registration and then you will be able to reinstall the add-on.

Reinstalling of the add-on will not modify your configured workflows. However, while the add-on is inactive, JIRA might start failing transitions which have JMWE post-functions configured, so you want to minimize the time between un-installation and re-installation of the add-on.