Fetch a subset of values of a multi-valued field based on a condition


This code snippet filters values from a multi-valued field based on a condition


Use the "filter" Nunjucks filter to filter the values that meet the condition


{# Filter the values from the multi-valued field using "filter" filter #}
{{ issue.fields['<Multi-valued field name>'] | filter(<Condition>) | join(",","name") }}


<Multi-valued field name>Name of the multi-valued fieldWatchers
<Condition>Condition to meet for the value to be filtered{accountId:'accountId:5ca5b1469a000c1180956957'}


The output of this snippet is a subset of the existing values of a multi-valued field which you could use in a template to:

  • Set a multi-valued field to a subset of the existing values in one of the Set field value post-functions. Example: Set a Multi-user picker type field to the users in the Watchers field who belong to the Europe/Berlin time zone:

    {{ issue.fields['Watchers'] | filter({"timeZone": "Europe/Berlin"}) | join(",","accountId") }}
  • Send an email to all the customers watching the ticket using the Email issue post-function. For this, you need to add this script in the "Users from script" field in the post-function configuration 

    {{ issue.fields['Watchers'] | filter({"accountType": "customer"}) | join(",","accountId") }}


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