Advanced Configuration

This page lists and explains the options provided in the JMWE Configuration page of the add-on.

On this page:

Default setting for the "Send notifications" option

This setting controls the default value of the "Send notifications" option when adding a new post-function to a transition.

To migrating users

If you have workflows that have been migrated from the "P2" version of JMWE to the new "Connect" version on Sept. 19, 2016, this option also controls the default behavior of the Assign to Role Member and Assign to Last Role Member post-functions. If you did not reconfigure these post-functions after the migration, the default setting above will be used to control whether they should send notifications. You can always override the default behavior by editing the post-function configuration.

View Issue Page Actions

Because of the asynchronous nature of Cloud post-functions, the outcome of JMWE post-functions is generally not visible on the View Issue screen when it is refreshed at the end of a transition. Likewise, no user interaction can be triggered by a post-function.

JMWE for Jira Cloud implements a mechanism that supports triggering actions, such as refreshing the screen or navigating to an issue, after the transition completes, only if the transition was triggered from the View Issue screen

Auto-refresh Issue

You can make JMWE refresh the View Issue Screen if a change made by a JMWE post-function is detected within 10 seconds after the Transition completes. This option is selected by default.

Transitions activity tab on the issue view screen

JMWE adds a "Transitions" activity tab to the issue view screen. However, some Jira Cloud instances might show a second Transitions tab, which is implemented by Jira Cloud but only available on "old" Jira Cloud instances. JMWE's Transitions tab can be hidden by unchecking this option.

Note: Atlassian's Transitions tab, if you see it, can only be hidden by raising a support ticket with Atlassian Support.