Migrating from Jira Server / Data Center to Jira Cloud

You can migrate JMWE data from Jira Server/Data Center to Jira Cloud. JMWE supports automated migration using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) in versions 7.2.0 and later.

Automated Path using JCMA for later versions

JMWE for Jira Server/Data Center 7.2.0 and later has an automated path for migrating from Server to Cloud. If you are running JMWE version 7.2.0 or later, please refer the article on migrating using the JCMA.

Manual migrations

Prior to supporting automated migration using JCMA, migrations needed to be done manually. Although not recommended, you can migrate earlier versions of JMWE for Server/Data Center (prior to 7.2.0) by referring to the article on manual migration. Again, this is not recommended. We strongly advise upgrading to the latest version (7.2.0 or above) and using the automated path using JCMA.