JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.1.11-AC release notes

The primary goal of this version is to prepare for Atlassian's upcoming GDPR changes (currently scheduled for April 29, 2019). While it contains major changes, it should be fully compatible with all your existing workflows. If you identify what you believe is a regression, please report it to us as soon as possible through our Help Desk.

The upcoming GDPR changes will require that you update your workflows or they will eventually stop working. See Spring 2019 breaking changes for GDPR for details

This version of JMWE for Jira Cloud allows you to start updating your workflow today in preparation for Atlassian's breaking changes.

In addition, this version includes the following changes:


  • A new button on the Nunjucks Editor toolbar allows you to look up and insert the accountId (the unique identifier that replaces the username) of a user into your template
  • The it variable is now available during Nunjucks Template testing in the Create Issue(s) post-function
  • The find and filter Nunjucks filters can now search for values deep inside an object (using field paths)

Bug fixes:

  • The Set field value of entity property post-function was logging a spurious error when setting a non-existent property to an empty value (essentially deleting it)
  • A recent Jira Cloud change made the Test Nunjucks Template dialog box disappear after clicking on the Issue Picker
  • The Unlink issues post-function would fail when the condition did not filter the issues to unlink from