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  • Access and modify the attributes of Insight objects using the newly added getInsightAttributeValue() and setInsightAttributeValue() methods in Groovy script.
  • Use the new getTransitionAttachments() global function to easily fetch the attachments added on an issue transition screen.
  • Select the newly added Groovy Template option in Groovy Console to test the Groovy input against selected Jira issues (using the new Test Groovy Template button).
  • Make use of the new usersInOrganization() method to usersInOrganization attribute to return the users to a Jira Service Management Organization. This method is added to the Organization CustomerOrganization class.

Bug fixes

serverSystem JIRA
jqlQueryproject=JMWE and issueType = Bug and fixVersion in ("7.0.0" , "6.7.0") and (affectedVersion is EMPTY or affectedVersion not in ("7.0.0" , "6.7.0"))