JMWE for JIRA Server 7.0.0 release notes

This version brings several major features and improvements along with some bug fixes.

New features

Automate post-functions outside Jira workflows

This release introduces the following powerful, new features that allow you to run post-functions independent of Jira workflows:

Scheduled actions

Want to run post-functions at regular intervals? Take advantage of our Scheduled actions feature to run one or more post-functions at a scheduled interval on a specified set of issues returned by a JQL search. You can pre-define the schedules based on your business requirements to automate workflow transitions, issue field changes, or status updates all in a sequence.

For example, you can schedule an action to send emails to a specific set of users every day.

Here is a quick view:

Event-based actions

Looking for a way to run post-functions based on a specific change made to an issue? Make use of our Event-based actions feature to do so whenever an event is fired. You can trigger one or more post-functions to run whenever one of the following changes is made to an issue:

  • field value changed
  • comment added
  • issue updated
  • issue transitioned
  • and more

For example, create an event-based action to validate the changes made to the Due date field, and display a message to the user if the Due date is later than a specific day you may require. In addition, you can revert the field value to the previously set value.

Here is a quick view:

Create shared post-functions and reuse them across workflows

Do you want to configure one or more post-functions that can be reused across multiple workflows? Use our Shared actions feature to configure post-functions that can be added to several workflows transitions. It helps you easily reuse and maintain some of your most frequently used configurations. Simply create an action using one or more post-functions (that are run in a sequence) in the Shared actions page, and use these actions in the Shared Actions post-function that can be added to various workflow transitions.

For example, create a shared action to run the Create / Clone issue(s)Assign to role member, and Display message to the user post-functions in a sequence and add a Shared actions post-function with the mentioned shared action to one or more workflow transitions wherever needed.

Here is a quick view of:

Shared actions page

Shared actions post-function


  • Access and modify the attributes of Insight objects using the newly added getInsightAttributeValue() and setInsightAttributeValue() methods in Groovy script.
  • Use the new getTransitionAttachments() global function to easily fetch the attachments added on an issue transition screen.
  • Select the newly added Groovy Template option in Groovy Console to test the Groovy input against selected Jira issues (using the new Test Groovy Template button).
  • Make use of the new usersInOrganization attribute to return the users to a Jira Service Management Organization. This method is added to the CustomerOrganization class.

Bug fixes

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