All editing buttons for my Calculated Field and some of my other custom fields are gone!


You have created a JMCF Calculated Field, and all the sudden you cannot edit the custom field because all editing actions (Edit, Hide, Required, Screens) have disappeared in the Custom Field list for my custom field. In addition, some other custom fields that you know should be on the Custom Fields page are suddenly missing.


It is very likely that you have incorrectly closed the HTML-style comment in which the Calculated Field configuration should be placed. For example:

<!-- @@Formula:
return "a value";

In the example above, notice the "—>" instead of "-->".


This is a limitation of JIRA, which doesn't make sure the html you input in the field description is "safe".

This easiest fix when you run into that sort of trouble is to edit the Description of the broken Calculated Field. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. open JIRA's log file (atlassian-jira.log). See for details.
  2. search for the following text: "could not find formula in custom field description". If you do not find any instance of that text, look for "could not find transition name or ID in custom field description" and then "could not find Field name in Description of field" instead
  3. copy the URL provided right after that text and navigate to it in your browser. This will lead you to the Edit Field screen for the badly configured field. Fix any error there (pay extra attention to the closing comment characters which should read: "-->"
  4. make sure the editing buttons and/or the missing custom fields have returned. If not, repeat the process to find other misconfigured custom fields.

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