Accessing the details of an issue or a transition in Nunjucks

This document explains how to access the details of issue and transition objects, such as those available through the issue and transition variables. To see an example of the structure of an issue go to <base_URL_of_Jira>/rest/api/latest/issue/{issueKey}. The fields displayed through this REST API actually depend on the fields set on the issue. 

Structure of an issue object

An issue object consists of the issue key and a collection of fields. The structure of the issue object (such as those available through the issue, sourceIssue and linkedIssue variables) is the same as that returned by the /rest/api/latest/issue REST resource documented here

Structure of the transition variable

The transition variable describes the current workflow transition. You might want to look at the log entries of a post-function execution to see the structure. The transition of an issue consists of the following fields :