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JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions for JIRA Cloud

JIRA Cloud Only!

This documentation is intended for the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions add-on for Jira Cloud. If you are interested in Jira Misc Workflow Extensions for Jira server, please visit this documentation instead.


Jira administrators often need to implement sophisticated workflows that go beyond the built-in capabilities of Jira. The Jira Misc Workflow Extensions app for Jira Cloud provides extensions that help you design and implement advanced workflows. You can tailor your Jira workflows to meet your needs and reduce reliance on manual data input.

New to JMWE? 

Explore the Getting Started Guide for a quick look at the most useful features.

Objective and Scope

The objective of this document is to give you a detailed explanation of how to install and use the add-on. After reading this document you will be able to install the add-on in Jira Cloud, uninstall it (if needed) customize your Jira workflows using the features provided in the add-on.

This document is intended for Jira administrators. It covers the following topics:

Section Name
Installing the add-on for Jira CloudExplains the installation and un-installation of the app
Verifying your Jira instance after installationOnce JMWE is installed, you need to make sure your Jira instance is configured properly for JMWE to work

Transitions activity tab on issue view page

Overview of the transitions triggered on the issue
Workflow Extensions for Jira CloudExplains the features of the add-on
Shared ActionsThis feature can be used to share the configuration of a single post-function, or of a sequence of post-functions, between multiple transitions and workflows, thereby greatly simplifying the maintenance of your workflows.
Scheduled ActionsThis page allows you to create sequences of workflow post-functions that will be run according to a schedule against issues returned by a JQL search.
Event-based Actions

This page allows you to create Event-based actions, with one or more JMWE post-functions, that are run when a change is made to an issue, such as fields being modified, the issue being transitioned, a comment being added, etc.

How to insert information using Nunjucks annotationsExplains how to insert information using Nunjucks annotations
How to insert information using Jira expressionsExplains how to insert information using Jira expressions in Conditions and Validators
Accessing the fields of an issueExplains accessing the fields of an issue
Expected value for each field typeLists expected value for all fields
Nunjucks template editor and testerExplains the Nunjucks editor and tester features
JMWE administration pagesThe administration section of JMWE
Use casesExplains the use cases for the workflow extensions
Troubleshooting and support for Jira Misc Workflow ExtensionsExplains the troubleshooting and support options for the add-on.
Known issuesLists the known issues
Knowledge baseKnowledge base for the JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) for JIRA Cloud add-on
Release historyInformation about each JMWE for Jira Cloud version

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