Copy remote links of the current issue to a new issue in "Create issue(s) (JMWE app)" post-function

This article provides the code snippet to copy remote links of the current issue to the new issue in Create issue(s) (JMWE app) post-function, using callJira filter.


  1. Navigate to the intended workflow to make the necessary changes in the edit mode.

  2. Select the required transition.

  3. Select the Post functions tab and click Add post function.

  4. Select Create issue(s) (JMWE app) and click Add.

  5. Enter the required details:
    Select the checkbox Add a comment to the current issue and enter the following template in Comment to copy the remote links on the current issue to the newly created issue:

    1 2 3 {% for link in issue | remoteLinks %} {% set dummy = "/rest/api/2/issue/:issue/remotelink" | callJira(verb="post",params={"issue":newIssueKey},body=link) %} {% endfor %}

No comment will be added to the current issue since the template returns nothing. 

Publish the workflow to see the changes reflected on the new issue.