Transfer JMCF configuration between instances using Botron Configuration Manager

Botron Configuration Manager for Jira is a third-party app that can be used, among other things, to transfer Jira configuration and data between different Jira servers (instances).

JMCF 2.2.0 and above integrates with Configuration Manager to support migrating JMCF custom fields configuration with minimal effort.


Before migrating data from one instance to another make sure you have the same version of JMCF and Configuration Manager on both the instances. 


Except for the following case, all of JMCF configuration is migrated by Botron without any disruption:

  • Legacy (BeanShell) scripts, which are stored in the field's Description, that refer to custom fields by id (e.g. issue.get(“customfield_10100”)) will not be adjusted with the new field IDs when importing into the destination Jira instance.