currentUserPropertyAsList JQL function

A JQL function that returns the value of a property of the current user, transforming comma-separated values into a list of values. The function can be used in a JQL query in an "in" or "not in" condition. It takes one parameter: the name of a user property. When running the search query, the function will grab the value of the user property and treat it as a comma-separated list of values. This function is especially useful for building shared filters (and dashboards).

Examples: Create a Standard filter that lists:

  • Open issues for the current user's preferred projects, which you'll store in a user property:

    resolution = Unresolved AND project in currentUserPropertyAsList("myProjects")
  • All issues assigned to the current user's (Manager) team members, which you'll store in a user property, MyTeam:

    assignee in currentUserPropertyAsList("MyTeam")