How to add special characters for calculated number field in issue view/list View

This article explains how to add extra special characters to a Calculated (Scripted) Number custom field value in the View Issue screen and Issue navigator.

  1. JMCF’s Calculated (Scripted) Number custom field only accepts numeric values in the groovy script. Special characters can be added to the field value using the velocity template available in the Calculated (Scripted) Number custom field type.

  2. To display a special character (say percentage %), add the below code in the velocity template of the number field:

    1 $formattedValue %


3. On the view issue screen, the symbol will be shown as given below:

4. To display the same in the issue navigator, add the same code in the List view velocity template of the field as shown below:

5. In the Issue Navigator, the symbol will be shown as given below: