JMWE for Jira Server and Data Center

JMWE for JMWE for Jira Server/DC version 5 and above

This documentation applies to JMWE for Jira Server version 5.0 and above. Documentation for JMWE 4.x can be found here.

JIRA Server Only!

This documentation is intended for the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions add-on for Jira Server and Data Center. If you are interested in Jira Misc Workflow Extensions for Jira Cloud, please visit this documentation instead.


Jira administrators often need to implement sophisticated workflows that go beyond the built-in capabilities of Jira. The Jira Misc Workflow Extensions add-on provides extensions that help you to design advanced workflows.

The add-on provides advanced Conditions, Validators and Post-functions to achieve this purpose with no programming skills. You can tailor your Jira workflows to meet your needs and reduce manual user intervention on issues.

For information, visit the Getting started page.

Objective and Scope

The objective of this document is to give you a detailed explanation of how to install and use the add-on. After reading this document, you will be able to install the add-on on your local server, uninstall it (if needed), and customize your Jira workflows using the features provided in the add-on.

This document is intended for Jira administrators. It covers the following sections:

Section NameDescription
Getting startedA quick overview of JMWE

Installation guide

Explains how to install and uninstall the add-on

Workflow Extensions

Explains the features of the plugin
JMWE workflow Conditions you can use in your workflow transitions
JMWE workflow Validators you can use in your workflow transitions
JMWE workflow Post-functions you can use in your workflow transitions
How to position JMWE post-functions relative to other post-functions
Explains the type of value expected by post-functions for each field type
Customizing further with Groovy scriptsExplains how you can use Groovy scripts to further customize your workflows
JMWE administration pagesJMWE Configuration, Groovy script tester

Use Cases

Lists and explains the use cases for the extensions provided by the add-on

Troubleshooting and support for Jira Misc Workflow Extensions

Explains the troubleshooting and support options for JMWE

Release history

Information about each JMWE for Jira Server version

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Important information

Tips, warnings, suggestions and additional information
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