Workflow Validators

Validators are used to validate the input made on the transition screen after the transition is triggered.

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions makes the following Validators available to Jira administrators:

  • Comment Required ValidatorA workflow validator that forces users to enter a comment during a transition. If the user does not enter a comment, a custom error message will be displayed.
  • Field has been modified ValidatorA workflow validator that ensures that a certain field was modified during a transition.
  • Field has single value ValidatorA workflow validator which ensures that a multi-valued field does not contain more than one value during a transition. 
  • Field is required ValidatorA workflow validator which ensures that the specified fields have a value during a transition.
  • Related Issues ValidatorA workflow validator which ensures that a link to one (or more) issue(s) from the current issue is being created during the transition, and/or that existing and/or newly related issues (such as linked issues, Stories of an Epic, Epic of a Story, subtasks of an issue, issues returned by a Groovy script or a JQL search, etc.) have certain characteristics. 
  • Parent Status ValidatorA workflow validator which ensures that the current issue's parent is in one of the selected statuses. This is useful only for sub-tasks.
  • Previous Status ValidatorA workflow validator that makes sure the issue has been in a specified Status before.
  • Scripted (Groovy) ValidatorA workflow validator that is based on the result of a Groovy expression. If the Groovy expression returns false, a validation error message will be displayed.
  • User ValidatorA workflow validator that can validate that either the current user or users in a specific field meet certain criteria, such as being the reporter or assignee, belonging to certain groups or project roles, satisfying a Groovy condition, etc.