Shared actions allow you to create actions that run one or more post-functions (in a sequence). These actions can then be used in the Shared Action post-function that can be added to multiple workflow transitions. In essence, the shared actions feature enables you to create shared post-functions (that run in a sequence), and add them to various transitions across workflows. This helps you reuse the most common configurations making the maintenance of your workflows simple.

Navigate to the Shared actions page using Jira Settings → Manage apps → Shared actions. This page lists all the existing shared actions and displays where each shared action is used. A shared action can be used in:

This page also allows you to add new shared actions, or edit or delete an existing action.

Add a shared action

To add a shared action:

  1. Navigate to Jira Settings → Manage apps → Shared actions.

  2. Click Add shared action to navigate to Shared actions editor where you can add the configuration details.

    Add the following:

    • Action name: Enter a meaningful name for the action.

    • Description: Enter a more detailed explanation of what the action would accomplish.

    • Post-functions: Click Add post-function to navigate to the window that lists all the available post-functions. Select a post-function, configure as needed and add it to the list here. The post-functions added here are run in the sequence displayed. You can use the ☰ handle to drag a post-function and drop it wherever required in the list to reorder the sequence.
      Use Edit or Remove to make changes to the respective post-function or delete it from the list here.

  3. Click Save to add the newly created shared action to the Shared actions screen.

Edit a shared action

  1. Click Edit in the Shared actions screen to modify the respective shared action.

  2. Modify the action details in the Shared action editor screen.

  3. Click Save to save the changes.

When you try to add a Shared Action post-function while editing a shared action, you notice that the shared action is disabled for selection. This is to avoid creating an infinite loop by adding the shared action to itself.

Delete a shared action

  1. Click Delete in the Shared actions screen to remove the respective shared action permanently.

  2. Click OK in the confirmation dialog to confirm. The shared action is deleted.

The Delete button is disabled when the respective shared action is used in:

You need to remove the references to delete a shared action.

Use a shared action in a workflow

You can use shared actions in a Jira workflow by adding the Shared Action post-function to a transition. This post-function lists all the shared actions configured in the Shared actions page, allowing a workflow administrator to select one action and run it on the specified issue(s).

For example, say you have configured the following actions in the Shared actions page:

To add one of these shared actions to the Shared action post-function:

  1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to configure the post-function on.

  2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition.

  3. Click Post Functionsin the properties panel.

  4. Click Add post function.

  5. Select Shared Action from the list of post-functions. You are navigated to the Shared Action Post-function screen.

    All the shared actions configured in the Shared actions page are displayed here as highlighted. Select one shared action that suits your requirement and configure other details as required.

  6. Click Add to add the post-function to the transition.

  7. Publish the workflow.