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Post-functions seem to be running in no apparent order


I have configured several JMWE post-functions on a single transition, in a specific order, but the post-functions seem to be running in a different order when I trigger the transition.

This can be a problem in certain cases. For example, if one post-function copies the "Affects Version/s" field from the parent issue of the subtask being transitioned, and then a second post-function copies the "Affects Version/s" field of that subtask to the "Fix Version/s" field, it will not work if the execution order of the two post-functions is reversed.


Due to the way non-native post functions (those provided by add-ons) are implemented in JIRA Cloud, it is not possible to guarantee the order in which post functions will be executed. Therefore, if your workflow incorporates post-functions provided by the JMWE add-on, you should ensure that your workflows do not depend on post-functions being executed in a specific order.


To enforce a predictable execution order of a set of post-functions, you should put them inside a Sequence of post-functions post-function or a Shared Action.

Alternatively, you can use the Delayed execution option provided in the post-function configuration to delay the execution of the post-function by a selected number of seconds, thereby creating a more predictable execution order. But this approach is much less reliable than using a Sequence of post-functions post-function.

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