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Delayed execution

Post functions are provided with an option to delay their execution. You need to select the number of seconds to wait until the post-function is run, a default of 1 sec to a maximum of 20 seconds.

Workflows that depend on post functions being executed in a specific order fail due to the asynchronous nature of the Connect post-functions in Jira Cloud. One of the workarounds is to delay the execution of the post-functions and thereby create a more predictable execution order. For example, on the approval of a Story you want to create sub-tasks and immediately transition them; in this case, you will have to delay the execution of the Transition Linked Issues post-function, so that the sub-tasks are created before they are transitioned. See the use case below.

It is recommended to use the https://innovalog.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JMWEC/pages/1155432495 post-function or https://innovalog.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JMWEC/pages/1155597197 post-function to run a list of post-functions in a sequence instead of applying a delay.

Sample use cases for Delayed execution

 On the creation of a Bug, assign it to a member of the QA team and then add the Assignee to the Watchers.

  • Create a QA project role, with the testers as its members.

  • Add the Assign to role member post-function to the transition Create of the Bug workflow.

  • Select QA as the project role to look for.

  • Add the Copy value from field to field post-function to the Create transition of the Bug workflow.

  • Select Assignee as the From field.

  • Select Watchers as the To field.

  • Select the Delayed execution option and select 5 sec from the Delay drop-down.

 On the approval of a Story, create subtasks for Development and QA, and transition them to In Progress status.

  • Add the Create issue post-function to the Approve transition of the Story workflow.

  • Select Same as current issue from the Project field.

  • Select Subtask from the Issue type field.

  • Select Current issue from the Parent issue field.

  • Repeat the above steps for the Development subtask.

  • Add the Transition linked issues post-function to the Approve transition of the Story workflow.

  • Select Issue Link Type as is Parent of.

  • Select the Delayed execution option and select 10 sec from the Delay drop-down.