Transfer JMWE configuration between instances using Botron Configuration Manager

Botron Configuration Manager for Jira is a third-party app that can be used, among other things, to transfer Jira configuration and data between different Jira servers (instances).

JMWE 6.2.0 and above integrates with Configuration Manager to support migrating workflows containing JMWE conditions, validators and post-functions with minimal effort.


Before migrating data from one instance to another make sure you have the same version of JMWE and Configuration Manager on both instances. 


Except for the following cases, most of JMWE configuration is migrated by Botron without any disruption:

  • Groovy templates that have a reference to the custom field by their Id’s are not modified

  • Groovy Scripts and Templates that include a reference to IssueConstants (like Resolution, Priority, etc) by their ID will not be updated. For example, a Set field value post-function that returns 10008to set the priority of the issue will not be replaced to Id of the Priority object created in the destination instance.