Linked Issues Condition

Documentation for JMWE 6.2.0 is available here

A workflow condition that allows you to hide/show a particular transition from the list of available transitions based on the issue's linked issues.

The transition to which the condition is added will be available only if the issue's linked issues respect certain conditions.

To add 'Linked Issue(s) Condition' to a transition:

  1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to configure the condition on.
  2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition.
  3. Click on Conditions in the properties panel.
  4. Click on Add condition.
  5. Select Linked Issue(s) Condition from the list of conditions.
  6. Click on Add to add the condition to the transition.
  7. Select the link from the Issue Link drop-down, or leave it as Any for any link type other than Issue/Subtask, Epic/Story and Jira Portfolio hierarchy.
  8. Select the minimum number of linked issues required from the Min. Linked Issues field. 
  9. Click on Add to add the condition to the transition.

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Refer to the Use cases for conditions page for use cases for this validator.

When you add this condition to a transition, the add-on checks the number of issues of specified type, linked to the current issue against the number of issues entered in the Min. Linked Issues field.

You can further customize the condition using the following options:

What to validate

Require issue links with a specific link type or set of constraints: Hides the transition if issue links of specified link type and respecting the constraints configured do not exist.

Check existing issue links: Hides the transition if existing linked issues of the specified link type do not respect the constraints configured.

Max. Linked Issues

Select the maximum number of linked issues to be accepted. Leave it blank for no limit.

Condition on linked issues

Input a Groovy condition in this field to check on each linked issue. Leave blank if you don't need any additional constraint on the linked issues. See the Groovy help editor for more information on writing the Groovy condition.

All linked issues must verify the condition above

By default, this option is checked and the Groovy condition written above is checked on each linked issue of the current issue. If you uncheck this option, at least one linked issue, instead of all, must verify the condition.