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Transitions activity tab on issue view page

The JMWE app provides an overview of the transitions triggered on the issue on the issue view page under the Activity section. To view this tab:

  1. Enable Show "Transitions" Activity Tab on Issue View on JMWE Configuration page

  2. Go to the Issue View screen

  3. Locate the Transitions tab under Activity

The tab includes the following information:

  1. Transition: To and From statuses of the transition. Note that JMWE does not show auto-transitions (transition leading to the same status)

  2. When: Timestamp at which the transition was triggered. You can hover over the date to see the full timestamp value (which is especially useful for relative date/time values)

  3. By: Author of the transition

  4. Time in Status: how long the issue spent in the "from" status (left of the arrow) before being transitioned.

In the new issue view, the Transitions tab is not automatically updated when you transition an issue, due to an existing Jira bug. You will need to refresh the issue to view the new transition on the Transitions tab