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Migrating from Server or Data Center

The JMWE app has an automated migration path and can be migrated from Jira Server/Data Center (JMWE version 7.2.0 and later) using Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) automation. Be aware that JMWE’s Cloud migration using JCMA is currently in beta, so you may wish to test the JMWE migration in a trial/test Cloud instance.

Note: If you have already migrated to the Cloud and need information regarding how to fix errors, see the Post Migration page.

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Migration Process:

Before you start

  1. Make sure you are running JMWE for Server/Data Center version 7.2.0 or later.

  2. Read and follow the instructions in Atlassian’s documentation on Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA).

Please note:

  • Currently, Shared actions, Event-based actions, and Scheduled actions are not migrated. You must recreate these manually on your Cloud instance.

  • Any JMWE conditions, validators, and/or post-functions where you employed Groovy scripting will throw errors and will need to be updated with either Jira expressions or Nunjucks expressions/scripts.

  • Because Jira Cloud runs post-functions after a transition completes, there are no error handling capabilities in Jira Cloud to prevent transitions from completing. Post-functions that include error handling in your Server/DC instance will display warnings on the Post migration page.

  • The Return to Previous Status post-function is not migrated from Server as there is no equivalent on the Cloud version. JCMA will report this in the logs on the server side during migration.

Migrate from your Jira Server/DC instance

From your Jira Server instance, navigate to the System tab of your Jira Administration pages, select Migrate to cloud from the Import and Export section of the left navigation.

  • During the Assess your apps step, make sure that you have marked Jira Misc Workflow Extensions status as Needed in cloud. (If a green check does not appear, you will need to upgrade to version 7.2.0 or later of JMWE Server or Data Center to migrate using the JCMA.)

  • During the Prepare your apps step, make sure to install the JMWE for Jira Cloud app on your Jira Cloud instance.

  • Follow the steps to Migrate your data. When the JMWE migration is finished, you will see the status as Complete in the Apps section.


A message displays below telling you whether the migration was successful, along with information about the total number of workflow extensions, how many were fully migrated, how many could not be migrated, and how many need attention.

Check the migration in your Jira Cloud instance

When the JMWE app migration is shown as complete on the JCMA, open your Jira Cloud instance. Navigate to the JMWE app pages. If there are any migration issues requiring your attention, you are notified on the JMWE Overview page.


Click the Take action link in the notification box to proceed directly to the Post Migration page. Alternatively, you can select Post Migration at the bottom of the left navigation. This page and page link only display if you have migrated JMWE data from Jira Server or Data Center to Jira Cloud.




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