JMCF for Jira Server 2.3.0 release notes

JMCF 2.3.0 brings the following improvements:

Automatic re-indexing of related issues

You can now configure automatic re-indexing of issues related to any issue being modified. This will make calculated fields that depend on related issues work correctly in issue searching and dashboard.

Calculated (Scripted) Date custom field type

The Calculated (Scripted) Date custom field type is similar to the Calculated Date/Time field type, but without the time part. This can be used to display and search by date without time, which makes it easier for searching and creating statistics, and also handle local time zone better showing the right date irrespective of the time zone (just like Jira Standard field Due date).

Other improvements

  • Better logging for easier debugging of calculated (scripted) fields
  • Infinite recursions in calculated field formulas are now caught and logged
  • It is now possible to access private components (services) of other apps from Groovy scripts (formulas)
  • Calculated Wiki/Text/Html Fields now support collapsing long field values
  • Duration calculated fields are now supported in the Confluence Jira macro
  • Secure Fields are now accessed directly, bypassing security

Bug fixes

  • [JMCF-329] - "Expected Value" tab is not expanding in Groovy Formula of Calculated Text/HTML field
  • [JMCF-334] - Number Range Searcher (statistics-compatible) doesn't show labels on statistics gadgets anymore
  • [JMCF-335] - Transition picker: workflow and transition names don't support single quote character