JMCF for Jira Server 2.4.0 release notes

JMCF 2.4.0 brings the following improvements:

New calculated Labels custom field type

You can now create calculated custom fields that return and display calculated labels, similar to custom labels fields.

Time in Status custom fields can now display the time spent in each status

This release introduces the Time spent in each status and List View Time spent in each status options that control displaying the breakdown of the time spent in each status along with the total time spent on an issue on the issue detail view and issue list view respectively.

Details of the time spent in each status:

Jira Data Center Data Pipeline is now supported

Teams using Jira Data Center can now easily export custom fields using Data pipeline. For more information, refer to Data pipeline.

Other improvements

You can now remove the collapse toggle on Calculated Wiki/Text/Html fields.

Bug fixes

  • JMCF-372 Text field single line configured with JMCF "Exact Text searcher (statistics-compatible)" searcher throws error on Issue navigator advanced mode UI after refresh
  • JMCF-370 Transition calculated fields don't work when data source is not defaultDS
  • JMCF-369 "?" is showing in custom field page instead of invalid status when user deleted the configure status in custom field where we used statues
  • JMCF-368 Duration fields: Cannot search for empty values on Jira 8
  • JMCF-367 Browser back button skips the previous page navigation on auto-indexing page