JMCF for Jira Server 2.2.0 release notes

JMCF 2.2.0 brings the following improvements:

A new Transition Callers field type

You can now create a Transition Callers field that will list all users who triggered one or more selected transition(s) on the issue.

Configuration Manager support

JMCF now supports the Configuration Manager app from Botron Software. This means that you will be able to use Configuration Manager to move JMCF custom fields from one Jira instance to another with only minimal effort (see the documentation for limitations).

Other improvements

  • Duration fields now support a precision setting (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks,...) that applies to both display and statistics
  • You can now specify a custom Velocity template for List (column) view search results
  • Time in Status fields: "most recent" now returns only the time spent since the last transition
  • Improved display of Groovy scripts on configuration screens
  • Calculated (scripted) Duration fields now support negative durations

Bug fixes

  • [JMCF-313] - Transition-based fields don't handle former workflows correctly
  • [JMCF-317] - Cache synchronization in Jira Data Center is unreliable
  • [JMCF-321] - Fix return type for calculated custom fields of multi-user type in the help system