JMCF for Jira Server 2.3.2 release notes

This version contains the following changes: 


  • You can now freely switch between Number Range Searcher (statistics-compatible)Duration searcher (24x7 durations)Time Tracking Duration searcher (work time durations) and Number range searcher search templates without a Full re-index.

Full re-index required

Please note that if you are using the Number Range Searcher (statistics-compatible), Duration searcher (24x7 durations), or Time Tracking Duration searcher (work time durations) search template on at least one custom field, you will be asked to perform a Full re-index (not background) at your earliest convenience. While this full re-index is not mandatory, until you perform one, you will not be able to switch to/from these search templates without creating indexing errors.

Bug fixes

  • JMCF-351 "Show error details" dialog box can never be closed on Jira 8.13+version
  • JMCF-343 When an error occurs in a non-Groovy calculated field, the "Show details" link is broken
  • JMCF-342 Transition fields: NPE when looking for the Create transition and the issue has no Creator
  • JMCF-341 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception while testing a Groovy script
  • JMCF-340 getAsString method on calculated duration fields should return string representation of duration instead of number of seconds