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Validators are used to validate the input made on the transition screen after the transition is triggered

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions makes the following Validators available to Jira administrators:

  • Build-your-own (scripted) ValidatorA workflow validator that is based on the result of a Jira expression.  
  • Comment Required ValidatorA workflow validator that forces users to enter a comment during a transition. If the user does not enter a comment, a custom error message will be displayed.
  • Field Required ValidatorA workflow validator which ensures that the specified field has a value during a transition.
  • Linked Issues ValidatorA workflow validator that ensures the issues linked to the current issue (existing and ones added during the transition) have certain characteristics. The transition to which the validator is added will pass only when the linked issues respect these characteristics.
  • Linked Issues Status ValidatorA workflow validator which ensures that the current issue's linked issues (existing and ones added during the transition) respect the specified condition against selected statuses.
  • User ValidatorA workflow validator that can validate that either the current user or users in a specific field meet certain criteria, such as being the reporter or assignee, belonging to certain groups or project roles, satisfying a Jira expression, etc.