Handle post-function configurations that are too long

Due to a limitation of Jira Cloud, which passes the post-function configuration in a GET URL that is limited to 8000 characters in total, JMWE cannot support long post-function configurations. The most affected are post-functions with more functionalities such as the Transition post-functions.


For example, you have a Transition issue post-function with a lengthy template to calculate the transition to be triggered:

1 2 3 4 5 6 {% if issue.fields.customfield_12332 == "A" and issue.fields.customfield_11312 == "a" %} "To Department A" {% elif issue.fields.customfield_12332 == "B" and issue.fields.customfield_11312 == "b" %} "To Department B" ..... ....

When you try to save the post-function you will see this error:


To reduce the post-function configuration length you need to replace the Nunjucks template in the post-function with a Shared Nunjucks template.

  1. Create a Shared Nunjucks template “Calculated transitions” in the Shared Nunjucks templates page

  2. Input the template in the Nunjucks editor

  3. Go back to the post-function

  4. Remove the existing template

  5. Input the following template under “Calculated transitions”

    1 {% include "Calculated transitions" %}
  6. Save the post-function and publish the workflow