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Field Required Validator

Are you using JMWE for Jira Server and Data Center and want to learn how to use this validator? Head to our documentation here.

A workflow validator which ensures that the specified field has a value during a transition.

When you add this validator to a transition and that transition is triggered, the add-on checks for a value in the selected field. If no value is found, then an error message (either a configured message or a default) is displayed.

To add 'Field Required Validator' to a transition:

  1. In Jira Administration, go to Workflows and click the Edit link to open the workflow.

  2. Select the required transition.

  3. Select the Validators tab and click Add validator.

  4. Select Field Required Validator from the list of validators.

  5. Select the field name(s) in the Field(s) drop-down.

  6. Add a message in the Error message field to customize the error that is displayed to the user.

  7. Click Add to add the validator to the transition.

On the Service Management portal view of a request, the customer will not see the Error message when the validator fails. This is due to a known limitation (JSDCLOUD-5853) with Atlassian.


Validator Scope

Check the Ignore Scope option if you want validation to occur only in certain cases, such as if the issue is of a certain issue type, has certain field values, or more generally satisfies an arbitrary Jira expression.

Use case

A typical use of this workflow validator is to validate that the field of the issue has a value during the transition. Consider a use case where you want to check that the “Approvers” field is not empty when sending the ticket for approvals. To configure this:

  1. Add the Field Required Validator to the “Send for Approval” transition.

  2. Select the Approvers field and configure an error message, if necessary.

  3. Save the validator.

  4. Publish the workflow.