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Increase value of field

A workflow post-function that increases the value of a selected numerical field by one.

To add the 'Increase value of field' post-function to a transition : 

  1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to add the post-function on.

  2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition.

  3. Click on Post Functions in the properties panel.

  4. Click on Add post function.

  5. Select Increase value of field from the list of post-functions.

  6. Click on Add to add the post-function on the transition.

  7. Select the field from the Field drop-down.

  8. Click on Add to add the post-function to the transition.

  9. After adding, move the post-function to the appropriate position according to Placing post-functions in a transition document.

See here for a use case for this post-function

Known limitations common to all post-functions:

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When you add this post-function to a transition and trigger the transition on an issue, the add-on increments the selected field value by one. This is applicable to numerical fields only.

Send notifications

Jira sends notifications for the increment in the selected field value on the current issue. You can control the default value of the "Send notifications" option in the Configuration page under JMWE administration. Click here for more information.

Conditional execution

To execute this post-function based on the result of a Nunjucks template see Conditional execution.

Delayed execution

Use case

A typical use case of this workflow is to increment a number field by one during a transition. Consider a use case where you want to track the number of times a bug fix was rejected by the QA team. To configure this:

  1. Create a Rejection counter numerical custom field.

  2. Add the Increase value of field post-function to the Reject transition of the Bug workflow.

  3. Select the Rejection counter field.

See here for more use cases.