This post-function is obsolete. While you may continue using this post function, which will not be removed from JMWE, we recommend you use the more powerful Clear fields instead, for new automations.

To add the 'Clear field value of linked issues' post-function to a transition:

  1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to configure the post-function on.

  2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition.

  3. Click on Post Functions in the properties panel.

  4. Click on Add post function.

  5. Select Clear field value of linked issues from the list of post-functions.

  6. Click on Add to add the post-function on the transition.

  7. Select the issue link from the Issue Link field.

  8. Choose the field(s) that should be cleared from Fields.

  9. Click on Add to add the post-function to the transition.

Here are a few for this post-function

Known issues common to all post-functions

Troubleshooting this post-function configuration: In case the post-function does not work as expected these are the things to look out for



When you add this post-function to a transition and trigger it, the add-on clears the selected field(s) of the issues linked to the current issue through the specified link type.

Run As

  • Run as current user: The current user will be the author of the change.

  • Run as add-on user: The add-on user will be the author of the change. 

  • Run as this user: Any user selected in this field will be the author of the change.

If you select any option other than "Run as add-on user", so that the assignment appears to be done by the current user or a specific user, the selected user will need to have the Edit Issues permission.

Conditional execution

To execute this post-function based on the result of a Nunjucks template see Conditional execution.

Delayed execution

Note that you can use this function to clear the fields of the:

  • parent issue of a sub-task by using the is Subtask of link type and vice versa using the is Parent of link type

  • Epic of an issue by using the belongs to Epic link type and vice-versa using the is Epic of link type

  • Parent of the portfolio hierarchy by using the belongs to Initiative link type and vice-versa using the is Initiative of link type

A workflow post-function that clears the value of the selected field(s) of the issues linked to the current issue through a specific link type.

 Clear a set of fields on all the linked issues of the current issue when an Abort is triggered on the current issue

  • Add the Clear field value of linked issues post-function to the Abort transition of the workflow.

  • Select all the fields to be emptied from Field