JMWE for JIRA Server 5.0.2 release notes

This version is a bug fix release only.

Bug fixes:

  • [JMWE-534] - Comment Issue and Comment Linked Issues post-functions throw an exception when the comment text is null
  • [JMWE-536] - ${} annotations in String literals of Groovy scripts are not supported in post-functions
  • [JMWE-539] - Errors during Transition Linked Issues and Transition Parent Issues post-functions are not displayed when "Make transitions fail when an error occurs in a JMWE post-function option" is set
  • [JMWE-541] - Option values with leading or trailing spaces cannot be set or copied by post-functions
  • [JMWE-543] - Groovy editor is still displayed even when a field is being set using Set field value to constant
  • [JMWE-544] - On-the-fly Groovy syntax checking does not work anymore
  • [JMWE-545] - Field is required validator doesn't support the Issue Links field
  • [JMWE-546] - Any post-function that sets/copies the Watchers on the current issue prevents the new Watchers from being removed
  • [JMWE-547] - Groovy errors are not cleared from the Groovy editor when the value type is changed