JMWE for Jira Server 6.2.0 release notes

JMWE 6.2.0 brings the following improvements:

New Transitions Activity Tab

A new Transitions tab is now available under the Activity section of the issue view screen. It shows all past transitions, including, whenever possible, the name of the transition that was triggered. It even shows "auto-transitions", i.e. transitions that don't change the Status of the issue.

Note that this tab can be disabled for all users on the JMWE Configuration page.

Shared Groovy scripts

You can now create shared Groovy scripts (classes) that can be used from any Groovy script or template from any JMWE workflow condition, validator or post-function. This is really useful for reusing complex logic across multiple workflow transitions.

See the documentation for details.

Conditions, Validators, and Post-functions that worked on linked issues now work on related issues

All the JMWE workflow extensions that worked on linked issues now work on related issues instead. This means that they can now be configured to work on regular linked issues, parent and sub-tasks, Epics and Stories, the Jira Portfolio hierarchy, and even on issues returned by a JQL search or a Groovy expression.

The following workflow extensions are affected and have been renamed accordingly:

  • Linked Issues Condition → Related Issues Condition
  • Linked Issues Status Condition → Related Issues Status Condition
  • Linked Issues Validator → Related Issues Validator
  • Linked Issues Status Validator → Related Issues Status Validator
  • Clear field(s) of linked issues → Clear field(s) of related issues
  • Comment linked issues → Comment related issues
  • Copy field value from linked issues → Copy field value from related issues
  • Copy field value to linked issues → Copy field value to related issues
  • Set field value of linked issues → Set field value of related issues
  • Transition linked issues → Transition related issues

Configuration Manager support

JMWE now supports the Configuration Manager app from Botron Software. This means that you will be able to use Configuration Manager to move workflows containing JMWE conditions, validators and post-functions from one Jira instance to another with only minimal effort (see the documentation for limitations).

Groovy improvements

  • New addRemoteIssueLink method on the Issue interface to add remote links to an issue
  • New bodyHtml attribute on the Comment interface that returns an HTML-rendered version of the comment body, which is essential when inserting a comment in the HTML body of the Email Issue post-function
  • The linkIssue and getLinkedIssues methods of the Issue interface can now take a link type ID and direction (inward or outward) instead of a link type direction
  • New getIssueLinks method on the Issue interface that returns issue links of the issue in a format compatible with setting the Linked Issues field
  • Groovy scripts and templates are now displayed in a more useful way on the condition, validator, and post-function tabs of a transition

Other improvements

  • "symmetric" link types (which have the same name in both directions), such as "relates to", are now treated as one link direction instead of two
  • Create issue post-function: use an issue picker instead of a text field for the Parent Issue option
  • The Set Field Value of Related Issues and Copy Field Value to Related Issues post-functions now support an option to disable issue notifications

And a few bug fixes

  • JMWE-760] - Typo in Transition picker
  • [JMWE-761] - Changing the issue type or status field should record the workflow change in the issue history
  • [JMWE-770] - NullPointerException when trying to copy a option value to a project for which the field is not defined (no matching field config scheme)
  • [JMWE-772] - Asterisk missing when the Tempo Account field is made mandatory using the Fields Required Validator
  • [JMWE-776] - Invalid status displayed when using post function creating an auto transition loop in Transition Linked/Parent Issue post-functions
  • [JMWE-779] - Create missing values option gets enabled based on the Source field and not the Destination field
  • [JMWE-780] - Field Required Validator doesn't display error message in JSD projects for the Comment field
  • [JMWE-781] - Linked issues are not fetched in the tester for portfolio link types
  • [JMWE-782] - "Legacy" Portfolio Parent-Child Link type is not supported anymore
  • [JMWE-787] - Setting the Customer Request Type field by name doesn't work reliably when more than 100 request types exist
  • [JMWE-792] - Create/Clone issue(s) If "Iterator" text is longer, then it goes out of the frame in the list of post-function screen. Tested on Chrome (Version 77), Firefox (Version 69) and IE (Version 11) browser.
  • [JMWE-795] - Expected value is incorrect for the Account field of Tempo add-on
  • [JMWE-798] - Copy field value from related issues fails for a multi-valued field when the field is empty for one of the linked issues
  • [JMWE-802] - Conditional validation not saved in "Field has single value" Validator
  • [JMWE-810] - Scripted Validator: doesn't handle GString as return value
  • [JMWE-806] - Copy value from field to field fails when trying to append values to a custom multi version picker field
  • [JMWE-804] - Copy post-functions don't offer Comment as a "from" field anymore
  • [JMWE-805] - Run as user is not obeyed when Comment is copied/set from another field