JMWE for Jira Server 6.3.0 release notes

JMWE 6.3.0 brings the following new features and improvements:

Send attachments using the Email Issue post-function

The Email Issue post-function can now add issue attachments to the notification email. You can include all the attachments of the issue, only the attachments added on the transition screen, or even attachments from other issues.

Bonus feature: inline images in the email body will also be attached to the notification email and will appear within the email body. 

New Return to Previous Status post-function: go back to the previous status of an issue

In cases when multiple transitions lead to the same status (e.g. Escalated), you can use this new post-function to return the issue to the previous status. 

New Display Message to User post-function: showing custom messages on transition

Use the new Display Message to User post-function to show a custom message on the issue view page to the user triggering the transition. For example, during the transition that creates a new issue, provide the user with a link to the newly created issue. 

A new showMessageToUser() method is also available on the Issue interface to send a message to the user.

The Transitions tab can now be displayed conditionally

You can now control who can see the Transition activity tab on the issue view, and on which issues/projects it will be displayed.

Post-function errors are now displayed to administrators

Whenever an error occurs during the execution of a JMWE post-function, and the transition was triggered by a Jira administrator, a message is displayed in the top-right corner of the page to help identify and troubleshoot misconfigured post-functions. 

Note that this message is only displayed if the post-function is not configured to fail (and stop the transition from completing) when an error occurs.

New REST API to import/export shared Groovy scripts

A new REST API allows you to export individual shared scripts or all scripts at once, import new or updated shared scripts, and delete shared scripts.

Other improvements

  • Shared scripts can now be migrated using Botron Configuration Manager
  • Fields of unsupported field types implemented by third-party apps can now be copied by post-function that copy fields
  • The Link Issues post-function now offers a "real" Conditional Execution option in addition to a filter for the issues returned by the JQL search expression
  • The Set field value from User Property post-function now allows selecting the user whose property should be read
  • The Related Issues Condition, Related Issue Status Condition, and corresponding Validators now offer "negative" conditions (e.g. issue has no linked issues of a certain type)
  • The Related Issues Status Condition and Validator can now check whether all or at least one related issue(s) are in the selected Statuses
  • Groovy scripts now throw an error when attempting to modify certain Jira objects such as Status, Priority, etc. (which usually happens when inadvertently using "=" instead of "==" in a comparison)
  • The Transition Picker now offers an option to not add the workflow name
  • The Field Required validator will now show the red asterisk if the initial evaluation of the conditional execution script returns true (before the transition screen is displayed)
  • You can now explicitly exclude recipients in the Email Issue post-function
  • The getComponent() global function can now return private components (services) of other apps

And bug fixes

  • [JMWE-830] - Incorrect Customer Request Type interface in the Groovy editor
  • [JMWE-831] - Fix example in the Expected Value tab for a date picker field
  • [JMWE-836] - Setting the Customer Request Type field by name doesn't work reliably when more than 100 request types exist on JSD 3
  • [JMWE-838] - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception while testing a Groovy script
  • [JMWE-839] - Some shared script errors can break every other JMWE Groovy script
  • [JMWE-840] - Related Issues: Groovy: Code after colon gets truncated under source issues
  • [JMWE-843] - Transitions tab: transition date/time is not displayed in the same time zone as the history tab
  • [JMWE-849] - Related Issues Status Validator doesn't take into account issue links being added during the transition
  • [JMWE-850] - Related Issues Validator: the Check related issues option doesn't work when no such related issue exists
  • [JMWE-851] - Transitions tab can throw an error if a custom field named "status" exists