JMWE for Jira Server 6.1.0 release notes

JMWE 6.1.0 brings the following improvements:

New features

  • The Status field can now be set directly in most post-functions (such as Create/Clone Issue(s), Set Field Value, etc.)
  • The Issue Type field can now be changed, and the workflow of the issue will be adjusted accordingly
  • In post-functions that operate on linked issues (such as the Transition Linked Issues post-function), you can now specify "any" as the link type
  • When copying a field to or from the linked issues or the parent issue, you can now specify a different field to copy to
  • You can now copy issue links between issues
  • New getRoleMembers method on Project objects
  • New isInGroup method on ApplicationUser objects
  • The Multi-Level Cascading Select app is now supported


  • Copying the attachments field (adding new values) now only copies new attachments
  • Copying comments between issues doesn't delete existing comments on the target issue anymore, and now avoids duplicating comments that were already copied before
  • Create Issue(s) post-function: the it variable is now available during testing
  • Post-functions, conditions and validators that require selecting fields now use a searchable field picker instead of a simple dropdown menu
  • The Groovy interpreter was upgraded to version 2.5
  • There is now an option in the global configuration to show post-function errors only to Jira administrators
  • The issue key of the issue tested in the script tester is now shown in the result panel

Bug fixes

  • [JMWE-728] - Assign to role member postfunction's Only if "Automatic" option now works during issue import
  • [JMWE-731] - When clicking on a toolbar button of an editor and another editor has the focus, the page doesn't scroll to that other editor anymore
  • [JMWE-740] - Email Issue post-function: notification emails are not sent to inactive users anymore
  • [JMWE-743] - The customer request type can be set using a request type ID again
  • [JMWE-750] - Groovy tester now highlights the highest line of Groovy code in the error stack trace, not the lowest
  • [JMWE-753] - Cannot load FastStringService exception when using Groovy's JSON parser
  • [JMWE-756] - "Make transition fail when an error occurs in this post-function" option didn't work in some post-functions
  • [JMWE-758] - Option values with the İ character were not recognized due to a Jira bug