JMWE for JIRA Server 6.6.0 release notes

This version brings the following changes:

New features

  • You can now copy from and to Insight custom fields, as well as set the value of Insight custom fields
  • New getOrganization global function that returns a Jira Service Management Organization by name
  • New getUsersInOrganization global function that returns the users that belong to a Jira Service Management Organization
  • New organizations property on any ApplicationUser object that returns the list of Jira Service Management Organizations the user belongs to


  • When setting the "Assignee" field, you can pass "Unassigned" as the value to clear the Assignee field

Bug fix

  • JMWE-993 Email Issue post function adds unnecessary reply-to that prevents email sending
  • JMWE-992 IE11 is not supported in JMWE 6.5.0
  • JMWE-986 Remaining Estimate, Watchers, Votes and Resolution Fields should not be copied by copy all field option in create issue post function
  • JMWE-980 Fix the display issue with the 'ObjectBean' interface in the Groovy Editor when an Insight Object is selected